Terms Of Service


General Terms and Conditions

    By using our service ("Licenses2Host") you are agreeing to our terms of service. All usage of our services or affiliated services are subject to the terms of this legal agreement.
    By (“Us”), (“We”), we are referring to L2H as a whole, including all affiliated services.

    If you are unsure what our terms mean; please contact us.

Refund Policy

All our Licenses/services/products we offer are non-refundable. In case you may face any issue with your license contact our support to fix your issue, and if Licenses2.Host team can not fix your issue we will issue a refund as credit in your account. Setup fee will not be taken in consideration as it is non refundable in any circumstances.

    Charging back or disputing your payment may result in termination of all services you own with us as well as your account being closed. *Note: You may cancel your service at any time. We do not offer cash refunds for the remainder of the billing cycle. At our sole discretion, we will reimburse you in account credit if you contact us via the billing panel ("https://licenses2.host/submitticket.php"), we do not offer partial credit refunds during sales/promotions.


Payments and Terminations

    Invoices for products and/or services will be generated 7 days before the product and/or service due date. The client is expected to pay the invoice in full before the expected due date. Products and/or Services will be suspended 2 days after the due date if the invoice remains unpaid, and terminated no later than 7 days after the invoice due date if the invoice remains unpaid. We reserve the right to terminate services and/or products and remove data associated with any service and/or product which has an overdue invoice at any time.

Liability Policy

    Under no circumstances will we be held liable for any damages. This includes, but is not limited to, downtime and data loss incurred by the client's use of our products and services.

Our Site

    We reserve the right to modify any information on our site with and without an advance notice.

    This website is for general information only, as such, we are not responsible if any information is outdated, or inaccurate. The information on this website should not be relied on solely, if you're unsure of anything. Please contact support.


    All Licenses2.Host  are connected to Licenses2.Host servers, all other functions such as updates are connected to official servers. The licenses don't have support from their official provider, but have full support from Licenses2.Host , no fee is needed for any support on the licenses (Licenses are shared).



    All products will be suspended once your product's expire date arrives, You can always renew a product from client area. If client does not obey our terms of service Licenses2.Host has the permission to suspend and block all clients products at any time.


Under no circumstances are you allowed to resell (without written permission) the service.


After purchasing a reseller plan, this limitation is not aplicable.

This document was edited on September 19TH 2020.

We may update this document at any time, it is your responsability to be updated.